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Chicago’s Youth are Under Attack! We must Act Now!

This is incredibily sad and alarming. Watch this video from CNN. #praying for the whole entire world!



Rising temperatures and violence: Is there a connection?

Well, there’s no denying that the weather is getting warmer. And with that, comes with gangs and the crimes they bring with them. It has been unofficially proven in my book that the warmer weather leads to violent outbreaks of crime and gunfire. Why is that? I’ve been trying to figure out the answer to this question for the longest? There is no one answer to this question, but the one I’m itching towards makes a lot sense. Young people with nothing to do! There’s not a lot of programs or job opportunities for them to pursue. Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently announced a jobs plan in Chicago that will put some 100,000 young people to work this summer. While it’s a start, I believe that the problem is much deeper than just jobs itself.

The street gangs are our biggest threat and have always been. People say we need to stop the gangs, but how do we do that? I’m not sure if there is a logical answer at this point, but I know something can be done. According to CLTV, there have been 40 people shot this weekend in Chicago alone. That’s a huge number for a weekend. None of this behavior is normal. I believe a person with any sense would agree to that. However, we’ve become immune to this type of behavior. It’s like we excuse it for “Eh, another shooting. Oh well.”

One thing is for certain: all of these organizations/community outreach programs should start working together and combining resources to tackle the issues of gun violence, etc.

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