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During NATO, Panel at Erie House Urges Chicago to Act Locally

Check out my story about the ACT Locally campaign, published by Chicago Talks. Also, continue to follow us on Twitter (@CCCNATO & @CJefferson91), plus our YouTube channel (cccnato) for the latest updates.


School Teacher shares her thoughts on the protests

A former Chicago teacher gives insight as to why she’s at the Nurses Rally today.

2012 NATO Summit in Chicago: Columbia College Chicago’s Coverage

Hi Everyone,

Myself, along with many other dedicated Columbia College students, grads and professors will be hard at work this weekend bringing you the latest in the protests/rallies/meetings for the NATO 2012 Summit in Chicago. We have footage of today’s Nurses Rally in Daley Plaza up on our YouTube page (search CCCNATO). Also, stay tuned to Chicago Talks and my blog for stories from other student journalists, as well as myself.


I’ll be at the Chicago Equity and Fiscal Policy Initiative, 1347 W. Erie, tomorrow at 10am. Stay tuned to my Twitter page (@CJefferson91) for live updates.



Chicago Youth rally for brighter Future

Check out my article about Leaders Investing for Equality (LIFE) published by the Columbia Chronicle. Enjoy!


Chicago’s Youth are Under Attack! We must Act Now!

This is incredibily sad and alarming. Watch this video from CNN. #praying for the whole entire world!


Rising temperatures and violence: Is there a connection?

Well, there’s no denying that the weather is getting warmer. And with that, comes with gangs and the crimes they bring with them. It has been unofficially proven in my book that the warmer weather leads to violent outbreaks of crime and gunfire. Why is that? I’ve been trying to figure out the answer to this question for the longest? There is no one answer to this question, but the one I’m itching towards makes a lot sense. Young people with nothing to do! There’s not a lot of programs or job opportunities for them to pursue. Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently announced a jobs plan in Chicago that will put some 100,000 young people to work this summer. While it’s a start, I believe that the problem is much deeper than just jobs itself.

The street gangs are our biggest threat and have always been. People say we need to stop the gangs, but how do we do that? I’m not sure if there is a logical answer at this point, but I know something can be done. According to CLTV, there have been 40 people shot this weekend in Chicago alone. That’s a huge number for a weekend. None of this behavior is normal. I believe a person with any sense would agree to that. However, we’ve become immune to this type of behavior. It’s like we excuse it for “Eh, another shooting. Oh well.”

One thing is for certain: all of these organizations/community outreach programs should start working together and combining resources to tackle the issues of gun violence, etc.

Whitney Houston: Gone but not Forgotten

I was very shocked and saddened when I learned of Whitney Houston’s passing. I couldn’t believe it. Whitney has had her life of struggles and pain, but her voice is one that can’t be replicated. She had the voice of gold. Her voice had the perfect tone, pitch and richness. Her many hits like “I’m Every Woman,” “Run to You,” “I Have Nothing” and her signature song, “I Will Always Love You” made her a pop sensation. You see many singers today trying to imitate Whitney’s style: Jennifer Hudson on “American Idol” as well as countless other singers on the singing competition shows.We all thought Whitney was going to come back, she was primed for her big comeback! Everyone, including me was rooting for Whitney. I know that her voice wasn’t what it used to be, but she still sang with passion and determination to uplift and empower people with her music. It’s sad that yet another talented, beautiful and influential figure has left us much too soon. To anyone that wants to bad talk Whitney, don’t. She suffered enough and now her soul is at rest, so let her rest in peace. My prayers are with Whitney’s mother, gospel great Cissy Houston, her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, her cousin Dionne Warwick, her aunt, Aretha Franklin and her ex-husband, rap crooner Bobby Brown. Mr. Brown definitely needs prayer because he’s going through, too. I pray that God shows him how to be better and keep him close to his daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

Rest in Peace, Whitney. Your voice and classiness touched millions. Your family will miss you. Your fans will miss you. I will miss you. And we will always love you.

Stay blessed everyone!!

530 Young People Murdered in Chicago since 2008… Way Too Big of a Number!

Check out this article from the Black Youth Project. It definitely brings to our attention the State of Emergency the City of Chicago is in when it comes to our youth. Very powerful and thought provoking.

ABC’s “One Life To Live” ends; Does this mean soap operas have no more lives to live?

ABC’s hit soap opera, “One Life to Live” aired its final episode yesterday. It ended on a cliffhanger, because at the time of the writing, producers thought the show would transition online. Apparently, that won’t happen. (Same thing happened to “All My Children”) It’s a sad occasion for soap opera fans because our beloved soaps are being replaced with cooking and weight-loss shows. As of today, there are 4 soap operas remaining on television: ABC’s “General Hospital,” NBC’s “Days of our Lives,” and CBS’s “The Young and the Restless,” and “The Bold and the Beautiful. We can all agree that times are changing and so are viewers tastes, but it seems that the TV networks just replicate what’s already on TV. I mean, really. “The Chew” (which replaced “All My Children”) is really just ABC’s “The View”, but with food involved. And “The Revolution” (which replaces “One Life to Live” on Monday) is like “The Biggest Loser”, expect it’s all done in a TV studio (sadly enough, “The Revolution” is taking over OLTL’s old studio, ironically).

Is it me or does it seem that television is being taken over by the same old, tired, played-out talk/self-help shows and the stupid reality shows that have people who apparently couldn’t be better at anything else in life? Seriously, think about it. They replace two of the most beloved, ground-breaking soap operas (both AMC and OLTL have been on the air a combined 84 years) and replace them with cooking and weight-loss shows with 5 or 6 talking heads that we’ve seen before. I mean, at least try to get lesser-known folks and give them some exposure.

Neither “The Chew” nor “The Revolution” will last 84 years combined like their predecessors. OLTL’s executive producer and head writer both switched to “General Hospital” to “save” that show, which rumors for its cancellation grows. Katie Couric, who has a new talk show premiering in Fall 2012, is taking GH’s time slot, which has soap fans and the people who work on this show worried. Ms. Couric has been at ABC once, moved to NBC to host the Today Show (which she should have never left) bounced to CBS to host the evening news (which didn’t work) and now she’s back at ABC to host a talk show. Some say she’s the successor to Oprah. I just hate that. There will NEVER be another Oprah Winfrey. She’s one of a kind and that can not be replicated. Sorry Katie, but you can’t be Oprah, no matter how much you try to be.

I’m just grateful and blessed to have 2 jobs and be in school that I’m rarely at home during the daytime to stomach this mess and fluff these television networks try to call TV. They say viewers tastes have changed and ratings for soaps are down, but have they considered that people work and DVR the shows to watch them in the evening when they get home! (like me) And SoapNet, the channel dedicated to replaying our soaps is going off the air next month and being replaced with “Disney Junior.” Listen, nothing against the kids, but we have enough networks dedicated to kids and teens. Why do we need another?

All and all, I hope that our beloved soaps can come back in some form. I hope that another network could pick up AMC and OLTL and start from the cliffhangers, because I feel that that’s a big slap in the face to soap fans to end the shows like that. I, for one, am tired of being blinded be all these talk/self-help and pointless reality shows. What other value do they add to television¬† other than money and ratings? Think about it. These new shows are not interesting to me, because I’ve seen so many like them before. ABC is just making you think it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

In closing, here’s to the Soap Operas. Thank you for providing us with entertainment. With laughter, tears, joy, anger, sadness, suspense, steamy sex scenes, and iconic characters that we will never forget. May the Soap operas live on in our hearts and for the ones that are still on TV, live and prosper and not have to fall prey to the dumbing down of society.

A Look Back on 2011

The year 2011 has been one that has came with many ups and downs, highs and lows and going forward and backwards. Osama bin Laden was killed, Steve Jobs died and the world was predicted to end, twice! It has surely been an eventful year.

On January 26, 2011, my eldest brother Darnell passed away. He was born with cerebral palsy, which is a disorder that causes physical disability and hinders development, particularly in movement. This had to be one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with ever. Although he had this disability, he never once complained or let it get in the way of his happiness. My brother was a happy person. Every Sunday evening we’d watch “Desperate Housewives” together and critique and have fun with the show. We’d sometimes watch games together, I regularly fed him, since he was unable to feed himself, among other things. And every now and then, we argued about who would watch TV when I fed him (He won this battle almost every time).

Words cannot express how much I miss my brother. He meant everything to me. He was an inspiration to me. He showed me that in spite of whatever ailment you may have, you can still have joy, happiness, peace of mind and enjoy life. He never let cerebral palsy define him. I am grateful to God for allowing my brother to live 28 years, when the doctors told him he wouldn’t live past the age 5. I am grateful to God for giving me a brother like him.

Although 2011 started off rough for me, I have nothing to complain about. I’ve been very blessed this year. I was very fortunate to spend the summer at the McGaw YMCA Camp Echo as a counselor, where I got to reconnect with old friends and classmates and meet new ones from around the globe. Camp Echo is truly a great place filled with great staff and campers. I’m eagerly looking forward to another fantastic summer in 2012.

All in all, I’m grate and praise God for allowing me to live 20 wonderful years. I couldn’t have made it without him. I am looking forward to 2012 and all it will bring.

Happy New Year’s to all and I hope and pray that 2012 brings you happiness, joy and peace of mind.

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